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Shree Giriraj Hospital believes that all its patients and customers should have access to the hospital and healthcare requirements at all times. The Hospital is always prepared to be of service to patients who visit the hospital. In case of requirement, we are also happy to be of service at the comfort of your home.

We have a dedicated Home Healthcare service to add our availability of some services to the patients. Maintaining the assurance of the same high service standards of Shree Giriraj Hospital, following services can be availed by you from the hospital at very competitive rates:

Supply of Medicines at your Home

Collection of Laboratory samples

Healthcare Attendant Services

Nursing Services

Doctor Services

Physiotherapy Services

Ambulance Services


A second opinion clinic specializes in providing patients with an expert evaluation of their diagnosis or treatment plan. This can be particularly useful for those who have received a serious diagnosis or are unsure about their current treatment plan. At Shree Giriraj Hospital, our team of super specialists is dedicated to helping patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. We offer teleconsultation services to ensure that patients have access to our experts, regardless of their location. Our upcoming teleconsultation service will provide patients with a convenient and secure way to connect with our doctors and receive the care they need. With our teleconsultation service, patients can easily access our healthcare facility and receive expert guidance from our team of dedicated specialists.