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Patient Guide & FAQs

  • Settle the difference, if any, if your bill exceeds the designated insurance amount.
  •  Pay for all non-medical expenses as your policy will not cover them.
  •  Check all the bills and prescriptions for any medicine that is billed but not administered to you.
  •  Note the total amount of the bill for your records for future purpose
  •  Submit all the medical documents including the lab reports, claim forms, discharge summary and final bill to the hospital before being discharged.
The hospital, then, submits all necessary documents to TPA. TPA processes the bill on the basis of eligibility and actual cost. TPA makes the claim payment to the hospital and / or patient (as per the policy terms and actual cost).

Generally the TPA only approves a part of the expenses of the treatment and only after the hospital sends the final bill along with the discharge summary and other reports does it approve the entire amount. Sometimes the hospitals will request the TPA to increase the amount approved if needed during the treatment.

In an emergency hospitalization, the important thing is to get the patient treatment at the earliest. The Corporate Help Desk will take up your case on a fast track basis with your TPA during any working day.

  • Kindly decide your choice of room and inform the Admission Department.
  • In case you have been advised surgery, kindly get the date of surgery confirmed by the consultant. Prior booking of Operation Theatre is required.
  • The Day-Care caters to patients undergoing surgeries/procedures that do not require an overnight stay (08:00 am to 10:00 pm) in the hospital. All minor, intermediate, major procedures eg. CHEMO, Bronchoscopy, Abscess drainage etc. can be performed in the Day-Care. For more information, kindly contact your Consultant/Surgeon.
  • For confirming a surgery, you are requested to pay a Reservation Deposit one day prior to admission.
  • Only a surgeon/consultant can cancel/postpone a surgery on medical grounds & authorize a refund. Please contact the Discharge Counter after cancellation.
  • Reservation does not confirm the bed of your choice. While all efforts will be made to give bed/class of your choice, this may not be always possible as it will depend on vacation/discharges and medical status of previous occupant.
  • The medicines you are currently consuming and all concerned Medical Reports and X-rays.
  • A list of any known allergies and sensitivities.
  • Personal toiletries, slippers / footwear.
  •  Keep some cash for miscellaneous purposes in case of emergency. Please safeguard your valuables & mobile. The hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables.
  •  After telephonic confirmation of bed, the patient may be brought to the hospital. He / She will be given a Admission Number after the formalities. Please quote the same for any enquiry.
  •  We constantly strive to provide you a bed / room as per your needs as quickly as possible. However, sometimes you may face some delay in obtaining an allotment for which we regret any inconvenience caused to you.
  • At the time of admission if you have not been allocated the bed of your billing choice (higher or lower), kindly give your request to the IPD staff on duty.
  • Special facilities are provided for Suite, Deluxe and Special class. On arrival, please contact the Floor Manager on this no. +91 990 997 1125
  • Your Doctor’s referral letter.
  • Passport Xerox (for NRI’s & Foreign Nationals).
  • Insurance Policy letter or Letter of guarantee from your Employer, if part or all of your medical expenses are to be borne by your Insurance Company/ Employer.
  • DEPOSIT- It is suggested that the deposit in accordance with the schedule of charges to be paid in advance. The Registration Staff will inform you of the required deposit which may be paid by cash or major Credit Cards.
  •  The patient or his relative has to duly fill and sign the admission form prior to the admission.
  • The information given in the admission form should be correct as the same is noted in the admission papers and is used for all practical purposes like birth certificate, insurance claim, medico legal purposes etc.
  • Shree Giriraj Multispecialty Hospital (SGMH) is a tertiary care referral private hospital equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of medical and surgical facilities for the total management of our patients under one roof. At SGMH, our foremost responsibility is to provide quality care and service to our patients.
  •  We are committed to meet your needs and to make your stay in the hospital comfortable and pleasant. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for assistance. We wish you a pleasant stay.
  • All payments for services rendered to be made directly to SGMH only.
  • All hospitalization estimates (expenses) will be strictly given only by the accounts department as per the recommendation of the treating consultants.
  • Deposits/Payments are to be made in Cash/Demand Drafts, All Credit Cards are accepted.
  •  All deposit receipts are provisional and should be surrendered at the time of discharge.
  • If, during the stay of a patient, weekly bills that are submitted are not settled within the prescribed time, the Hospital reserves the right to transfer the patient to the General Ward.
  •  In the unlikely event of a breakdown of the computer system before the final bill is prepared, the patient will be required to make an additional deposit, approximating to the final bill at the time of his/her discharge. The final settlement of the bill will be made later on.
  •  Medical Claims for reimbursement purposes will be attested by the Deputy Medical Superintendent / Officer on Special Duty – Please contact on Cashless and Mediclamdeoartment – Extension No. 4018.
  •  Incase of any extra/excess medicines, kindly inform the ward-incharge for refund of the same before discharge.
  • Patients are advised not to keep any valuables, jewellery or other costly items with them during their stay at the Hospital.
  • Patients/relatives are requested not to tip the staff as this is strictly prohibited.
  • Any employee demanding tips should be reported to the Ward Incharge or to a Medical Administrator on call +91 851 112 6026 / +91 990 997 1125.
  • The bed charges are calculated from 12.00 am to 12.00 am irrespective of the time of admission.
  • After admission the patient can request for higher/lower class subject to the availability of beds. All charges shall be billed for higher class retrospectively.
  • All deposit receipts are made in the name of the patient.During your stay if you have not received any intimation of amount accrued to your account, kindly contact the Billing counter.
  • Our pharmacy provides all the medicines for inpatients.We do not permit medicines & consumables from outside. Charity provision is made available for economically weak patients
  • Please provide accurate and full information about your medical problems, past medical history / medication taken. Inform the doctor or nurse of any sudden changes in your condition. Follow the treatment plan recommended by the medical practitioner.
  • If your patient has to undergo surgery, kindly get an O.T. Clearance Slip from the Admission/OT booking counter after clearing the outstanding and paying surgery deposit.
  • We request one relative to be present in the room or ward during a surgery if any.
  • If patient is required to be transferred to the ICU/ICCU or PICU, the room/bed that patient was occupying prior to the transfer is to be vacated by the attendants.
  • During the stay of the patient, if an additional deposit requested has not been cleared, the hospital reserves the right to transfer/discharge the patient on Administrative ground.
  • Please wear hospital clothes throughout your stay in the hospital.
  • Help in keeping the number of visitors and the noise levels low. We issue only two pass for an attendant.
  •  Home food may be permitted on “medical grounds”. Attendant’s meals can be provided in the hospital at extra cost.
  • We don’t allow outside pillows, blankets, etc. as they may be a source of infection. Visitors are not permitted to sleep on the floor.
  • Patients can be transferred to any other hospital / government hospital / nursing home in case of non-payment or any other administrative reason, or only if nursing care is required.
  • Discharge of patient would be authorised as per doctor’s opinion.
  • Please respect hospital and personal property.
  • Sparing use of Mobile phones will be appreciated.
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco is prohibited.
Visiting Hours for Patient Relatives
  • 11:00 am to 01:00 pm & 17:00 to 19:00 hours for all the wards & ICU/ICCU.
  • The Visitor’s Pass is “Not Transferable” & if found with any other person then the person whose name is on the pass; the pass will be confiscated & a fine will be imposed.
  • Children below 15 years are not permitted at patient areas / bed side
Every patient who wishes to avail of the various services in SGMH has to get registered. This is a one-time event which gives you a permanent OPD (UHID) number. Registration and billing counters are present on the ground floor. The patient needs to pay for appointments and all other services prior to availing the same.
For appointments, please contact us on +91 281-7151200/01/02
Our emergency department works around the clock. In case of any emergency, contact the casualty medical officer on +91 990 997 1117

We have two fully equipped ambulances available for transporting patients to and from the hospital. For availing this service, please contact us on +91 990 997 1117

  • Discharge procedure starts only after approval of the treating Doctor & preparation of discharge card.
  • Any excess Medicines (PSD) refunds deposit refunds should be done 3 hour prior to discharge so as to save time. The nurse on the floor will help you in the process.
  •  Once the discharge intimation slip is received the nurse on the floor will hand over the original set of discharge card & reports to the patients relatives.
  •  For insurance patients-Mediclam, TPA please contact the TPA dept located at OPD floor for further guidance & assistance.
  •  Please bring all deposit receipts, and the balance payment for the final settlement of your bills.
  •  In case you are discharged on Sunday or on a hospital holiday, you may be required to make an on account payment as decided by the Admission & Billing Department. The final bill will be prepared the next working day. You will be given a Settlement Slip which has to be produced at the time of the final settlement.
  • Your Summary Report / Discharge Card will be given to you by the discharge department at the time of discharge.
  •  Please surrender the visitors pass at the Billing Department or you will be charged Rs. 200/-.
  • After the final settlement you will be given a discharge slip in duplicate, one for floor staff & other for the security on your way out.
  •  Kindly vacate the bed as soon as bills are settled.
  •  For follow-up appointments with your consultant, please call +91 281 7151200 or through the board at +91 281 7151300 & +91 990 997 1117.
  •  If you have a mediclaim policy, you are required to approach the Company directly for reimbursement of your bills for which you will need (i) the final bill, (ii) the detail bill, (iii) the discharge card and (iv) narrative summary. The final and detail bill will be given by cashier on settlement of dues. The discharge card and the narrative summary from the discharge department.
  • Our emergency department works around the clock. In case of any emergency contact the casualty medical officer on +91 760 007 5575 for the ambulance services.
  •  There are 1.2 times emergency charges for surgeries performed during non-regular hours (Normal working hours are from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Saturday).
  •  We accept “On Account Deposit” which can be utilised for indoor & OPD services.
  •  The bed charges are calculated from 12.00 am to 12.00 am irrespective of the time of admission.
  • All patients for admission are requested to sign a declaration for payment as per the hospital charges.
  • There is no surcharge on the hospital bill, however all foreign nationals and NRIs will be levied 25% surcharge on the gross bill.
  •  We do not encourage patient’s relatives to stay overnight when pt is in ICU.
  •  Only the billing department processes all inpatient payments.
  • Our pharmacy provides all the medicines for inpatients.We do not permit medicines & consumables from outside. Charity provision is made available for economically unaffording patients.
  •  We provide care with dignity, consideration and respect for privacy / confidentiality.
  • The names of all professionals / staff are displayed on name plates worn on the uniform, if you have any clarification regarding any procedure, you may contact them.
  •  To help us serve you better kindly spare your valuable time to fill up the feedback form, to enable us to give quality healthcare.
  •  Children below 15 Years are not permitted at patient areas / Bed side.