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Shri Ramesh Chandra Keshavji Thakkar was born on 1st june 1949 at Vadtal. Keshavjibhai was his father and Menaben was his mother. In the year 1974 he got married to a business minded woman Mrs. Renukaben Thakker. He had a son Mayank born in 1975 and Gaurang in the year 1977. He studied up, up to SSC in those days, but both father and mother made their utmost efforts, and got educated both the sons. later on Mayank shined out as a Dr. Mayank (MD – Internal Medicine) and Gaurang flourished as Mechinacal Engineer.


Rameshbhai, right from his infancy stage had a spiritual approach and the slogan “Service to Humanity is service to God” always got echoed in his mind. He had a deep faith on Lord Jalaram. By his mercy and blessings, Rameshbhai adopted the path of service. Since last 12 years he has been dedicating his selfless services for the celebration of Jalaram Jayanti, running of shriji Gaushala, Animal help Line known as Karuna Foundation, vegetarian society – Gaushala, Jivdaya Abhiyan and VIvek and Yuth Club working for the betterment and upliftment of the school children of 82 schools run by RMC Rajkot. This youth club has been distributing blankets to homeless people residing on road or foothpath during bitter cold of winter. Also giving slippers in summer to needy to face and endure scorching heat of the sun. Indeed this all have become proved to be blessings in disguished for whole Thakkar family.


A staunch follower of Vipashyana, Rameshbai has always stood beside the society, whenever calamity like famine or drought has affected Rajkot. He has spent his life for dumb animals birds and fishes too. He sets a remarkable example in the year 2013, while saving 600 cows and bullocks, keeping and caring at different places. he got water tankers emptied in the Aji Dam for getting fishes for survival. Thus he become a toarchbearer – a messiah for the society.


It is said, behind every man’s success there lies support of a woman. Yes, Rameshbhai too had a great support of his wife Mrs. Renukaben Thakker. As a reason of this Rameshbhai had a great moral boost and he could involved himself for socities services with greater force.


Rameshbhai had a keen desire to prolong his social services as he had a divine inspiration of Lord Jalaram. His desire was fulfilled. when he started Giriraj Multispeciality Hospital at Rajkot on 7th of September, 2008. The inaugurator was His son Dr. Mayank Thakkar (MD-Internal Medicine) took over his charge as a full time Medical Director. Rameshbhai become CM and Gaurang became MD.


In the beginning the hospital had 54 beds and entire critical care unit was looked after by Dr. Mayank Thakker along with the 70 no. of other staff. The Hospital rapidly progressed and now stood In Rajkot as a Multispeciality Hospital. A team of following doctors are available at this Hospital 24 x 7.